An Afternoon with Perla Batalla

CalTech Live

Grammy-nominee Perla Batalla returns to CaltechLive! on October 18 at 3:30 p.m. PT

Join us for a rare glimpse into the life (and living room) of singer and songwriter Perla Batalla, known for her rich contralto voice and ability to imbue a wide range of songs—traditional Mexican ballads, jazz standards, the work of mentor Leonard Cohen—with heart-stopping emotional depth.

Longtime colleague Michael Alexander will engage Batalla in a conversation about her musical and professional influences, including the bustling Latino music scene at her mother's West L.A. record store and the pivotal first meeting with Leonard Cohen, in which a wise sartorial decision set off a decades' long friendship and launched a successful solo career.

Interspersed with concert footage from 2019 (recorded on her last tour before the COVID-19 crisis), the hour-long chat offers a deep dive into the trajectory of a renowned performer, a love letter to L.A. by a true musical omnivore, and a candid discussion with a prolific artist living through a global pandemic.